The new Missing Piece collection focuses on adding in items that are frequently requested by customers, plus a few extra additions that we feel will be the perfect addition to the range. Throughout April & May 2024 we plan to launch a new design each week as we gear up to celebrate 15 years of Charlotte Lowe Jewellery!

Soulmates Necklace

The NEW Soulmates Necklace features a beautiful image of two women standing arm in arm, symbolising the strength and support they provide to each other. The necklace is a symbol of female companionship, making it the perfect gift for your soulmate. It's also been added to the Couple's theme which has been renamed Couples & Soulmates .

'With You' Beach Memory Necklace
Our 'With You' Beach Memory Necklace is a stunning piece is designed to capture and cherish those special moments spent with your loved ones. The intricate design features two people sitting on a bench, symbolizing the beautiful memories created together.
'My Dear' Deer Necklace
The enchanting new ‘My Dear’ Necklace, featuring two deer stood side by side in a picturesque countryside setting. A stunning piece of jewellery that captures the essence of love and companionship.

'Hand in Hand' Beach Memories Couple Necklace
There may already be a few couple additions in the range, but we thought it was about time that we added one in our customers favourite size and shape. The NEW Hand in Hand Couple Necklace is the perfect symbol of love and togetherness. The intricate design showcases the bond between two individuals, making it an ideal gift for couples who want to celebrate their love and connection.

The hand-in-hand design represents unity, trust, and companionship. It serves as a constant reminder of the special moments shared between two people. Whether it’s a romantic gesture for your partner or a meaningful gift for a couple, these necklaces are sure to make a lasting impression. With their timeless appeal and sentimental value, these sterling silver couple necklaces are a wonderful way to express your love and create cherished memories . 

View the missing piece collection here:
And last, but not least, Charlotte's very own one off addition due for launch at the end of August 2024!


There will be a few changes in the lead up to and during Charlotte's maternity. Be sure to join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated. In the meantime here are here are some planned dates you may want to take note of:


31st May - Last order date for commissions and made to order items until March 2025. View the collection here.

30th June - Mum’s Stock Box launches in June with 1-5 working day delivery. This will be the last chance to order items from outside this collection.

31st July - Delivery on Mum’s Stock Box changes from 1-5 working days to 4-6 weeks.

1st Nov - 1-2 week delivery returns to Mum’s Stock Box in preparation for Christmas.

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