Support Independents by Shopping Early this Christmas

If you like to support small and shop independent as much as possible then we urge you to support us by shopping early this Christmas. In return, Charlotte Lowe Jewellery will be giving a little extra back to customers who sign up to the Charlotte Lowe Jewellery mailing list. If you aren't already signed up you can do so via the box at the bottom of this page. Our special offers are due to run from mid October until mid November. The earliest shoppers will receive the biggest rewards.

If it's a little too early for you to start even thinking about it then we completely understand, but if there is anything you would like us to set aside then please place your order via the website. If you aren't quite ready to accept delivery just yet then we are more than happy to hold onto it for you until you are ready. Simply leave a note with your preferred delivery date at the checkout and we will keep it safe for you. Exchanges and returns on all Christmas gifts will be extended until 31st January 2023.

Also, please know if you would like to spilt the cost of your purchase then this can be arranged for you. Simply get in touch and we will send a special order link. Please note: orders won't be dispatched until payment is made in full.

Why are we encouraging early Christmas Shopping?

Speak to any independent business and I can almost guarantee they will tell you that they despise Black Friday, especially those creating handmade products. Ever since it was introduced in the UK it has heavily impacted November purchases, even for those not shopping in the sales as so many people now wait until the end of November, even if they don't buy anything in the sale. The issue with this is that when everyone then wants to purchase everything at once in December or at the very end of November time and stock is limited.

At Charlotte Lowe Jewellery all purchases throughout the year and the previous Christmas are reviewed to ensure enough stock of each item is available, but you can almost guarantee something you didn't expect too sell so well sells out and there is no time left to replenish it. Then there is the limit to how much you can make in such a sort time as a handmade business. Handcrafted items of course take time to perfect and when time is not on your side the doors have to close early. Last year, we managed to keep going until just a few days before Christmas with a last minute Christmas gifts selection. However, Christmas 2020 forced us to close the doors to orders on 11th December, accepting orders then only for delivery in the new year.

Combating Royal Mail Strikes with UPS Express

UPS Delivery


This year of course there is another concern and that is the planned strikes by Royal Mail across their departments. Those in the UK will be aware that Royal Mail have been striking now since August in a dispute over pay. Until the end of October the strikes have really only been once a week or month. However, in November strikes are planned throughout various Royal Mail departments, which will cover three to four working days per week. These strikes will run during the last week of November, which also covers the first few days in December. Due to the shear volume of strikes, we anticipate that they will heavily impact UK orders right up until Christmas as Royal Mail deal with the back log. In theory international orders should not be too heavily affected as once the item is processed it and leaves the UK it will be handled by another delivery provider and can be tracked within their system. However, bare in mind if you are ordering from a country outside of the UK most of Royal Mails last delivery dates are during early December. 

To provide a solution to this daunting problem, this month I decided to add a UPS delivery option to the website for UK deliveries. It’s an express service I already use for sending international orders and I thought with all the industrial action taking place with Royal Mail throughout November I should offer an alternative for customers feeling concerned about their orders arriving in time for celebrations outside of Christmas. Although Royal Mail will be prioritising theses parcels and say they have put plans in place to limit disruption.

Which service should you choose?

UPS vs Royal Mail

At present most items are set to 24hr Tracked Delivery within the UK as standard, with the option to select UPS as an alternative. Express delivery options are also available on some items for an additional fee.

From 21st October I shall be setting the the default option on all deliveries to UPS who offer both a 1-2 day or next day delivery service within the UK. This will likely stay in place at least up until Christmas.

I will be monitoring the situation throughout and may remove Royal Mail's 24hr Tracked service until the new year. Royal Mail Special Delivery may also be removed and re-introduced in December. Although Royal Mail will be prioritising theses parcels and say they have put plans in place to limit disruption, I can’t help but feel concerned that this will have a heavy impact on small businesses and deter customers from shopping online if I don't offer an alternative delivery service. Therefore UPS services will remain available at no extra charge within the UK until at least Christmas.


Want to support Royal Mail?

Royal Mail Delivery

If you wish to support with Royal Mail then the choice is really your in to how best to do that. Is it by still using their service and waiting patiently for it's arrival or is it by using an alternative postal service to put less pressure on the system?

For those opting to stick with Royal Mail I would advise to place your order as early as possible with the understanding that an orders placed up until Christmas may be subject to delays, particularly within the UK. As we are using high priority services for Royal Mail I don’t anticipate that they will be more than a few days late, but at this stage I’m not really sure how we can know for sure.

For international customers selecting the standard delivery option via Royal Mail I shall ensure all orders are posted a week before their advised last postal date as long as you can ensure your order is placed before the end of November.
For more information on the Royal Mail strikes please visit You can find the proposed strike dates below:

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