To prolong the finish of your jewellery please refrain from wearing when bathing as chemicals found in personal and household cleaning products may start to alter the finish of the jewellery as they can act as an abrasive or speed up oxidisation of silver. It is recommend to wait before placing silver jewellery onto skin that products have just been applied to. It is also advised that the jewellery is not worn in the sea as this can be a harsh environment for all items of jewellery.



Some of the items available from Charlotte Lowe Jewellery are oxidised. This is a surface treatment that has been applied to the silver to turn the item black. The oxidisation is not permanent and may start to burnish (polish) slightly on raised areas over time. This is often seen as a positive feature, as the surface individually evolves through use of the wearer.

To prolong the black finish it is advised that you store your oxidised jewellery separately from your other jewellery to avoid it rubbing against any sharp surfaces. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as perfumes and cleaning products.

Charlotte Lowe is happy to re-oxidise any item purchased free of charge, however, postal charges will need to be covered by the customer.



The blue skies were first introduced in September 2019 for our 10th anniversary. This new and unique finish is a type of painted artwork. Although we have taken great care to ensure the finish is as durable as possible it is recommended that extra care is taken with these pieces to prolong the finish.

Our blue skies were updated in Sept 2020 with a new and improved vitreous enamel which is baked onto the surface to provide a strong bond between the piece and blue finish. As with all enamel pieces it is advised that care is taken not to chip the enamel. Care should also be taken not to let the jewellery come into contact with chemicals. For instance when bathing or spraying perfume onto your skin, as the chemicals may have a reaction with the finish and start to act as an abrasive.

It is rare that we receive reports of issues with our finishes however if you do experience any problems with our blue finish please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to refinish for you free of charge.



Oxidized items rarely need cleaning and any dirt that does occur inside recesses or groves can be cleaned with a dry soft brush or with soapy water. Do not use any hard brushes or abrasives which may scratch away at the surface.

It is advised that you do not immerse our jewellery into chemicals such as jewellery cleaning solutions as this will remove the oxidised details and may start to break down the enamel.

Silver and golden surfaces can be cleaned in soapy water or with a soft cleaning cloth. We also highly recommend connoisseurs cleaning tissues which work similar to a silver polishing cloth an can be used on silver and gold jewellery. The tissues are reusable and claim to also add a thin layer of anti-tarnish.