💙 Support small & the NHS this November

As the owner of a small business, I’m not a massive fan of Black Friday. Handmade items need time and attention to detail to perfect, and this doesn’t really go hand in hand with lots of orders in a short space of time. Of course, Charlotte Lowe Jewellery has been doing this for a long time, 12 years in fact, so there has been plenty of practice, however, nothing can quite prepare you for receiving two weeks’ worth of orders in just one weekend!

Last year took us by surprise after our efforts to reach more customers online increased Novembers sales by 15x and Decembers by more than 5x, despite having to stop taking any more orders for delivery in time for Christmas on 11th December. This year we are hopefully better prepared for such an event and plan to go on a little longer, if time will allow us. The website will be updated straight away with longer deliveries on new orders should we find we have reached our maximum order capacity again.

I encourage you to support small businesses this November. For those who choose to shop with us I will be rewarding your wonderful organisation and kindness with FREE gift wrap and delivery from now until 30th November. As well as the Christmas 'Enjoy the moment' gift wrapping there are two more designs to choose from including 'Sending love - Enjoy the moment' and Moments - Enjoy the moment.

I am also pleased to announce that the NHS hope hallmark will be available for an additional charge of £3 until the end of November too. Every £3 paid will be donated to NHS Charities Together. This limited-edition hallmark will be applied by the Birmingham Assay Office and will add approximately 1-2 weeks to your order. An express 2-3 working day hallmarking option is also available.

While on the subject of hope it has of course been a little while since the blog was updated on charlottelowe.co.uk and some of you may already be familiar with our blue skies which were launched in celebration of Charlotte Lowe Jewellery’s 10th anniversary in September 2019. This beautiful and eye catching finish is something I had wanted to introduce for a few years but saved it until the release of Moments Like This, our 10th anniversary collection.

The response to the collection and the blue finish could not have been better. Enamelling is a new finish to Charlotte Lowe Jewellery and something that has become very welcomed by myself and my customers. It’s a delight to paint each piece and unpredictably the blue sky finish has too become a wonderful simple of hope, embodying the message of blue skies ahead and looking forward to better and brighter days.

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