Family Photo Shoot with Charlotte Lowe Jewellery

This month we organised and shot a beautiful family photo shoot for our jewellery out in one of our favourite local countryside spots. Its been on my mind for a long time to create some photographs that capture the inspiration for Charlotte Lowe Jewellery. We took to Clent Hills will talented photographer Scarlett Shellis for a shoot with model Michelle and her lovely family. Together we were able to create photographs that represent our brand perfectly; capturing wonderfully simple and joyful moments spent together as a family. These new photographs perfectly represent one of the many stories behind our brand. In the coming months these gorgeous new photographs will be rolled out into our stockist, published in magazines and launched online. I am proud to present or final selection of photographs; images that represent something special, something real and something that tells new customers just what we believe in celebrating without having to say a single word.

Model wears family tree necklace by Charlotte Lowe
Family Tree Necklace worn by Model Michelle Grice

Of course for any of you that know us well our photo shoot couldn’t just be about showing the jewellery on a beautiful model. Our vision was that it must be so much more than that. It had to capture the emotion and the passion behind Charlotte Lowe Jewellery. Our timeless treasures are inspired by the joys brought to us through the simple moments in life and evoking thoughts of the people, places and moments that you hold dear. 

family photography by Scarlett Shellis

Family plays a huge part in our message. Whether it’s just you and the dog, the two of you or a long list of family and friends you simply couldn’t be without. We aim to celebrate the simple moments experienced by all. For our photo shoot we thought we would start with one of our favourite inspirations. Those simple moments spent between mother, father and child. Of course our featured family are more than just models they are a real family learning, living and growing together. Michelle and Ricky have never been to this gorgeous National Trust location before and of course neither has their beautiful little boy. Together were able to capture the reality of one of the most simple yet special moments in life; quality time with family. And what better time than during a little stroll in our beautiful Great British countryside.

family photography by Scarlett Shellis

 Photos by Scarlett Shellis Photography


And there's more!

Whats more that's not all we have been up to this month. We have also finally launched our exciting new Cherished Luxury collection online. You will also be able to see it in selected stockists through out the UK as well as with our Shanghai partner and new stockist in Los Angeles.

Take a look at some of our exciting new stockists below:

 Co-op 28
McGuire Diamonds

Cedar Farm Gallery
Church Gallery

Love, Light & Presence Jewellery Gallery

In our 8th year of business we are well and truly flourishing and are pleased to say there are even more new stockists coming soon. Look out for new updates on our fabulous new partners on future blog posts. For a full list of stockists you can visit our find a stockist page here.

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