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Jewellery & Watch Birmingham | Family Moments Collection | Personalised Photo Commissions

Jewellery & Watch Birmingham | Family Moments Collection | Personalised Photo Commissions

Right I thought it was about time I updated you all since I haven’t checked in on the blog since November! Before I get started on what I've been up to I thought I might let you know what’s coming up. 

jewellery and watch birmingham
This month is all about preparing for Jewellery & Watch at the NEC Spring Fair and I have been busy getting an exciting new collection ready for the show. Last year I revealed two new collections but the last few launches have been very much about extending the existing ranges with additional pieces so I thought it was about time I introduced some brand new images. The new Locket LoversCherished Luxury and Walk With Me ranges have been popular and further enhanced the collections in the way I had hoped they would but now it's time for something completely new! 


new family moments collection

Reminding us the importance of appreciating the here and now with family. The show will see the launch of our brand new Family Moments collection. A range of jewellery that will celebrate the true importance of the memories we cherish and share with our mothers, fathers and children. Trade buyers and visitors can discover these new additions on stand 18DQ31 in the Design Gallery at Jewellery & Watch. After 5 years exhibiting at the show I have decided to go a little larger this year. So instead of our usual little 2x1m you can find the collection on our fabulous new corner stand next door. Hopefully the stand will go down just as well if not better than it did last year when we won The Best Things Come in Small Packages Award!


jewellery and watch birmingham
I shall look forward to seeing and meeting you all at the show. It's trade only so I am afraid if you don't work in the jewellery industry you can't come, however, we will be launching the collection online in February and I have a whole handful of retail shows planned for May and June including both of Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade Fair's and Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Festival. So be sure to pop their dates in your diary if you would like to come and see us on the road.
centrepiece jewellery

Now back to why I have gone so quite on you all! As you can imagine December was just utter madness. It always is but this year it felt more intense what with exhibiting at Country Living, Centrepiece and lots of last minute orders to make and send. The orders came in thick and fast but so many were much later than usual which was hard to cope with all at once. Each year you make a plan based on the year before but the truth is you can never know what to expect. The snow bought further challenges to the growing pile of orders but actually also exposed the benefits of how much I can achieve when I’m a little more calm and collected about fitting it all in. My proudest day was the day I solely made, engraved, individually parcelled and posted 11 orders, some with engraved messages in just 4 hours. Don’t ask me how but I did it!

We also made some fabulous commissions for surprise gifts which is always exciting. I love to delve deeper into a story and create these individual pieces you just know are going to be so special to that person. Here are a few of my favourites:

Family on the beach photo necklace

Personalised Beach Family Photo Necklace
This one was a challenge as it is actually carefully constructed from three individual photographs. It is nice to test your boundaries and see just what you are capable of! But to think we started with this...
photo jewellery
The next piece was created from an illustration the customer had of their family. His wife had seen our work before and fell in love so he thought he would surprise her with an extra an extra special one. 
family on the beach necklace
Family on the Beach Photo Necklace 
This piece was created from an illustration the customer had of their family. His wife had seen our work before and feel in love so he thought he would surprise her with an extra an extra special one. 
Family Tree Photo Necklace
Family Memories in the Lake District 

This has to be my absolute favourite. I love the photograph this customer sent me. It has so much character and finding out the story behind this moment really brought this piece to life. The customer shared a little insight with me into her day and I though you might like to hear about it too so here’s what she said.

‘Just to give you a little more background to get into the characters...
Donald - my brother - doesn’t usually go hill walking with a golf umbrella...at the time he was working in London and had been out on a big night out before he came up to the lakes so was suffering the hangover of all hangovers…the umbrella is just about physically holding him up!

My sister - Mhairi - spent what seemed like years growing her fringe out and spent all her time flicking her hair out of her eyes...so this photo captures that time and action too!

Dad was a huge figure in stature and mind so again a very typical pose of him holding court! (He was a lawyer so loved an audience) but Mum would definitely have had something to say back to him!

Tara...the dog...was a lab so always on the scrounge for food!'

As if I hadn't already fallen in love with this necklace the little back story behind it only enhanced my admiration for this beautiful piece. I can't think of a more perfect piece to round off the year with!

Family tree photograph

Since then I have been making and sharing my own memories with my family. We spent New Years up in the Lake District. Tucked away in a log cabin in the woods. After a challenging start heaving our belongings up a hill after our cars became wedged in the snow we all found comfort around the fire. We climbed the hills, stopped off at the pub, played games and had a good old catch up. What a perfect way to bring in New Year.

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Designer of the Year | Centrepiece Jewellery's 20th Anniversary | Country & Living Fair Harrogate

Designer of the Year | Centrepiece Jewellery's 20th Anniversary |  Country & Living Fair Harrogate

Wow it seems its all going on this month. Have you heard the exciting news? Charlotte Lowe has been shortlisted for Designer of the Year! We are so delighted and can't wait for the announcement of the winner at the Benevolent Society Ball on 7th December. Until then we are keeping our fingers well an truly crossed!

Dog Locket Necklace

Dog Lovers Sapphire Moon Locket, £275 


Birmingham Whats On

Centrepiece Jewellery

Before hand however we have lots of other exciting events to look forward to. If your in and around Birmingham you can visit us at Centrepiece Jewellery's 20th Anniversary show from 22nd November - 23rd December 2017.

To celebrate we shall be running a competition in which you have the chance to win one of 20 pieces from our fabulous designers. We have donated our favourite new Dog Lovers Family Necklace. Simply come and visit our show to enter.
Dog Lovers Family Necklace £69

And that's not the only thing we have planned for this month. On 28th November we shall be heading to the Country and Living Fair in Harrogate for our debut at the show. Over the years we have spent many enjoyable days exhibiting at April's British Craft Trade Fair in this wonderful town. We have always loved the idea of showing at Country and Living and so a few days with them Harrrogate seemed like the perfect match! If you haven't been Harrogate really is a great place to visit.

Country and Living Christmas Fair

Fancy joining us?! Well the great news is we have some free tickets to give away. We have been offering them out to our customers following their purchases this month but we have just discovered we actually have another 15 tickets to give away!

To claim your complementary ticket from us visit http://www.countrylivingfair.com/book-tickets/ and enter the code CLHAR171. Claim up to two tickets per person. If you don't want to miss out please act fast as once the 15 run out that is all we have left for the show. Visit us on C105a (was C14) where we have some exciting competitions for our customers.

Can't make it?

Don't worry we understand there is so much to fit in that sometimes it's just hard to find the time for all the things you would love to do.

We would still like to say a little thank you for all your support. This month we have launched an exclusive offer for our website customers. Simply add the code ENRAVENOV to your order and receive complementary engraving. It's our little gift to you this Christmas.

Engraved Necklace

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Upcoming Shows | International Jewellery London | Kristie Allsop's Handmade Fair

Upcoming Shows | International Jewellery London | Kristie Allsop's Handmade Fair

Look out for Charlotte Lowe Jewellery at International Jewellery London (trade only) and Kristie Allsop's Handmade Fair this September.

What a busy summer it's been! Honestly, we haven't stopped and it just feels like its flying by. Of course with our annual spot coming up at the International Jewellery Show we have been busy creating new designs to debut at the event.

Locket Lovers Necklace

Click here to view the Locket Lovers Collection.

Say hello to our new Locket Lovers collection! When Charlotte Lowe Jewellery first launched back in 2009 our designs were described as the modern-day locket. This September we will be going back to our roots and expanding on this concept with an exciting new range that allows customers to combine their favourite designs with their very own beloved photographs. This ones our statement piece for the range. As beautiful as it is we know it will be a little on the large side for some of you. We will of course be launching some smaller pieces that you can wear and cherish everyday. We are getting ready for its big revel in September and will be adding them onto the site in September/October. In the meantime, here is a little sneak peek at what to expect. Follow us on Instagram for further updates. 

Locket Lovers

Elephant Lovers Sapphire Moon Locket

Locket Lovers

Dog Lovers Silver Petting Locket and Dog Lovers Nights Sky Locket

Of course if you are a trade buyer you can come and see them up close at this September. IJL is one of the biggest trade events of the year. Based in the beautiful light and spacious building of Kensington Olympia. If you are a trade buyer keen to stock our collections we would love you to come and see us on Stand S65 from 3rd - 5th September. Register for FREE entry by visiting www.jewellerylondon.com.

IJL 2017

Charlotte Lowe IJL

What if your not a trade buyer? Well your in luck. We thought it was about time we started doing more retail shows as we love to meet the customers. To hear their stories and see them find something beautiful to cherish them by reminds us why we do what we do. From 15th-17th September we will be heading back to London to showcase our collections at Kristie Allsopp's Handmade Fair and we would love you to join us. Based in the beautiful grounds of Hampton Court Palace how could you even dream of missing it? We shall be showing this year on STAND W88.

Visit www.thehandmadefair.com/hampton-court to see whats on and purchase tickets for the event. Just a little tip if you are one of our mail subscribers you may want to look out for a few offers coming your way. 

Kristie Allsopp's Handmade Fair

Now myself and my family will be heading to our favourite coastal spot in North Devon. Hopefully leaving me feeling bright and all refreshed for the busy few months ahead! 



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Family Tree - Maybe It's In The Genes?!

Family Tree - Maybe It's In The Genes?!

Time for a little insight into my creative family tree and a greater connection to Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter than I had ever imagined. 

Silver Family Tree Bracelet

Since an early age mum has always encouraged me to explore my artistic nature, making art in creative ways. Dad had his input too, as a design engineer he has helped nurture my practical skill set and my passion for design. I left school wanting to do something creative and went on to do so at college. Although I explored a mixture of subjects by the end of my time there I still hadn’t quite decided upon what it was I wanted to do. I just knew I wanted to design and create for a living. I had always excelled in textiles and so I was looking at studying textile based subjects at university. I also had a very strong desire to learn to make jewellery, something I had never studied although I had made a little pewter guitar once in 3D design. That was as close as I had come to working in metal. At this point I raised the idea that I would like to study at the Birmingham’s School of Jewellery, however my parents discouraged me. To be honest I don't blame them. I think they recognised I wasn't ready to home in on a particular skill at that point. They were concerned that I might narrow my options and instead encouraged me to continue to explore the art and design world further. I am so glad they did. Studying a mixed media course at the University of Wolverhampton was one of the best decisions I ever made and of course it was doing just that that led me to create the collections of etched jewellery I do today. 

Jewellery Quarter Museum

Much like dad, my granddad and his father too worked as an engineer. So it would seem the design flare certainly may be in my genes. But after my studies and setting up as a jeweller in the quarter I discovered that was not the only place my passion for jewellery may have come from. My granddad told me he used to work in the jewellery quarter. On the very street on which I worked. He would visit jewellers in the area such as Smith and Pepper, now the Jewellery Quarter Museum. He was working for a manufacturer of press guards that were fitted on their fly presses to prevent the loss of those precious finger tips!

But there was more still to learn about my families history within the quarter. Not only did my granddad work for a period of time in the very place that I do today but my granddads grandfather, Francis John Hanley, too worked in Birmingham, as a jeweller! How this information remained undiscovered by me and my father until I reached my 20’s is a mystery but as you can imagine this news came as an exciting surprise. I began to wonder whether it was perhaps in the genes! Or of course it could just be a great coincidence. Whatever you believe it made me happy to discover I was following in my great-great grandfathers footsteps.

Old Jewellery Workshops

Now me and my grandfather are very much intrigued by our family tree. He has been researching for years and I have been only too happy to expand that research further. In doing so we discovered something else. Not only was my great-great grandfather a jeweller but his father was too. Meaning I have a family history of jewellers stretching right back until at least 1861. And, as if this wasn't exciting enough, the family tree records revealed something else. In 1861 my great-great-great grandfather, John Hanley, at the age of just 11 was working as a jeweller alongside his eldest brother Luke. At that time they were not only living and one must assume working in the Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter but they were housed at number 22 Warstone Lane, the very street I work on today. The neighbours were jewellers too. In those days many jewellers would live alongside their workshops. 

At a time when the making of jewellery was greater in Birmingham than anywhere else in the country. It is believed that in 1850 Birmingham was responsible for most of the jewellery manufactured in Britain, with half of the jewellery sold in London supplied from Birmingham. At this time boys of 14 were usually given apprenticeships and earned around 4 shillings on average. Which would increase annually until they reached 21. Would you believe they would work from 8am - 7pm? And it was also very common to work overtime on top of that? And I thought I worked long hours! It's not uncommon for me to do this but everyday?! I can imagine spending everyday like this would be hard going. By 1861, the jewellery trade employed 7500 people. The quarter reached its peak in 1914 with 20,000 employed in the area. 

I believe my great grandmother, had a little time making jewellery in her early years too although that was not what she went on to do. I was never lucky enough to meet her and obviously not old enough to meet her father and his father before her but I am extremely honoured and excited to be working in an environment where they once lived and worked. I often walk round the Jewellery Quarter and think to myself how lucky I am to do what I do for a living. I am sure times were probably much harder back then. We live in a time where the world is our oyster and so many things are possible if you dedicate enough time and passion. Now I walk through the quarter and wonder what it was like back then. How different the place would have looked, what has survived that it still here today. Hopefully my research will slowly and surely in time revel more hidden treasures and the wonderful histories of this place.

Barclays Bank, Birmingham Jewellery Quarter



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Family Photo Shoot with Charlotte Lowe Jewellery

Family Photo Shoot with Charlotte Lowe Jewellery

This month we organised and shot a beautiful family photo shoot for our jewellery out in one of our favourite local countryside spots. Its been on my mind for a long time to create some photographs that capture the inspiration for Charlotte Lowe Jewellery. We took to Clent Hills will talented photographer Scarlett Shellis for a shoot with model Michelle and her lovely family. Together we were able to create photographs that represent our brand perfectly; capturing wonderfully simple and joyful moments spent together as a family. These new photographs perfectly represent one of the many stories behind our brand. In the coming months these gorgeous new photographs will be rolled out into our stockist, published in magazines and launched online. I am proud to present or final selection of photographs; images that represent something special, something real and something that tells new customers just what we believe in celebrating without having to say a single word.

Model wears family tree necklace by Charlotte Lowe
Family Tree Necklace worn by Model Michelle Grice

Of course for any of you that know us well our photo shoot couldn’t just be about showing the jewellery on a beautiful model. Our vision was that it must be so much more than that. It had to capture the emotion and the passion behind Charlotte Lowe Jewellery. Our timeless treasures are inspired by the joys brought to us through the simple moments in life and evoking thoughts of the people, places and moments that you hold dear. 

family photography by Scarlett Shellis

Family plays a huge part in our message. Whether it’s just you and the dog, the two of you or a long list of family and friends you simply couldn’t be without. We aim to celebrate the simple moments experienced by all. For our photo shoot we thought we would start with one of our favourite inspirations. Those simple moments spent between mother, father and child. Of course our featured family are more than just models they are a real family learning, living and growing together. Michelle and Ricky have never been to this gorgeous National Trust location before and of course neither has their beautiful little boy. Together were able to capture the reality of one of the most simple yet special moments in life; quality time with family. And what better time than during a little stroll in our beautiful Great British countryside.

family photography by Scarlett Shellis

 Photos by Scarlett Shellis Photography


And there's more!

Whats more that's not all we have been up to this month. We have also finally launched our exciting new Cherished Luxury collection online. You will also be able to see it in selected stockists through out the UK as well as with our Shanghai partner and new stockist in Los Angeles.

Take a look at some of our exciting new stockists below:

 Co-op 28
McGuire Diamonds

Cedar Farm Gallery
Church Gallery

Love, Light & Presence Jewellery Gallery

In our 8th year of business we are well and truly flourishing and are pleased to say there are even more new stockists coming soon. Look out for new updates on our fabulous new partners on future blog posts. For a full list of stockists you can visit our find a stockist page here.

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More About Our Award Winning Month!

More About Our Award Winning Month!

What a start to the year it's been! I couldn't believe my luck this February as Charlotte Lowe Jewellery was awarded not one, not two but three awards. This year is our 8th year in business, a year I hoped would bring lots of good fortune. I was born on 8/8/88 so you could call me crazy but also forgive me for having a little obsession with this number being my lucky number. In China, three 8's are considered very lucky and so I think its perfect timing to have joined forces with our stockist in China to work as our official agent in China, expanding our partners across the country.

Winner of the @jewelleryandwatch #CreatingLove campaign


Beautiful Sunset Necklace with Stunning Yellow Sapphire Sun

Winner of 'The Best Things Come In Small Packages' at

Jewellery & Watch Birmingham 2017

Jewellery & Watch Birmingham Award

Best Jewellery Boutique - Birmingham
Luxury Goods Award Winner

Since February's achievements Charlotte Lowe Jewellery has been featured in lots of exciting press. I never thought I'd see the day that my picture would appear amongst a sea of amazing celebrities, what a delightful discovery! Thanks to Professional Jeweller for their 'Guest List' feature on who's been spotted and snapped in the jewellery world this month. It may not be a BAFTA but I am absolutely chuffed to bits with out Jewellery & Watch award and to be featured amongst the stars!

Jewellery Guest List

Professional Jeweller

Following on from our success at this years Jewellery & Watch Show I am really excited to be welcoming new partners to our selection of stockists this month with new orders placed from shops, boutiques and galleries across the UK as well as Ireland and our first USA stockist in Los Angeles. Our collections will be on their way to our new stockists very soon and I just can't wait to reveal them to you all.

Visit our 'Find a Stockist' page to find a stockist near you. If you have a jewellery shop, gallery or boutique and think our jewellery would be a perfect fit for you then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch or come and visit us at our next trade event at BCTF in April from 2nd - 4th 2017.

British Craft Trade Fair

Sunset couple necklace and Dog Lovers Necklace


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Visit us at the Jewellery & Watch Show 2017

Visit us at the Jewellery & Watch Show 2017

Visit us on


Join us at the Jewellery & Watch Show at Birmingham's NEC from the 5th - 9th February. Charlotte Lowe will be showcasing the new Cherish Luxury collection; a range which add's an extra splash of luxury to some of our most popular and timeless picture jewellery designs.
Jewellery & Watch Birmingham
Each are adorned with stunning yellow and white sapphire stones as families, couples and some of Britain's favourite wild animals and domestic house hold pets sit, walk and stand beneath moonlit or sun filled skies. In addition this new range also sees the launch of Charlotte's designs in solid 9ct and 18ct gold with 22ct gold vermeil and black rhodium finishes to complement her ever growing sterling silver ranges. 
Jewellery & Watch Birmingham
Couple & Mans Best Friend Sapphire Sun Dog Necklace

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Visit us at Birmingham Originals Makers Market - 2nd-4th Dec 2016

Visit us at Birmingham Originals Makers Market - 2nd-4th Dec 2016

Guess what!? On the first weekend in December we are showing at Birmingham Originals Makers Market as part of Etsy Made Local and Small Business Saturday!

So it has to be said there is no doubt the Christmas shoppers have already started here at Charlotte Lowe Jewellery. In fact they started trickling in quite some time ago now. This year I thought it would be lovely to do a local Christmas market as so I am pleased to say that is exactly just what is happening.

As part of Birmingham Originals and in association with Etsy Made Local we shall be setting up shop inside one of Birmingham's exciting hidden spaces. From Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th December 2016, Birmingham Originals will showcase a wealth of talented designers, artists and makers from the region in a festive market with the backdrop of the gorgeous Grade II listed Municipal Bank as our venue.

Here you can browse through locally made leather goods, letterpress stationery, crocheted headwear, try on beautiful and quirky jewellery, pick up some beautifully crafted ceramics and browse through many more makers wares.

I am really looking forward to this weekend and hope you will be too. If you fancy joining us then here are the details below:

Birmingham Originals Winter Makers Market Details:

Entrance: Free. Families welcome.

Friday: 13:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00

Small Business Saturday

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Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

When one door closes they say another one opens! Today that's pretty much how I feel. I have barely closed the door behind me after leaving the International Jewellery Trade Show in London and now I am preparing for my next show in Manchester. Since they are one month apart you would think that they weren't really that close but time has just flown by so quickly already. It sounds silly but I think its because it seems to take about a week to recover from these events. Of course there's no time for rest but I think I went into auto pilot for a week or so. Needless to say despite being absolutely rushed off my feet I am back to my self and feeling very excited about my first year exhibiting at the The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair at the Old Granada Studios.

This summer I was also lucky enough to be selected to show at Bovey Tracey's Contemporary Craft Festival. I had such am fabulous time getting to know my customers at the show that now I just cannot wait to see what Manchester has install. As well as my best loved designs I will be taking some brand new pieces along to the show. They were launched to trade buyers at the International Jewellery Show in London and now will the public's first chance to see them up close before they are launched online.

Hope you can make it! You can find Charlotte Lowe Jewellery on Stand 107.

  • Jewellery at Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

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IJL 2016 & Where it all began

IJL 2016 & Where it all began

I have been a jewellery designer and the proud owner of my very own business now for 7 years. The first few years were great. People really seemed to love my photo etched designs and the striking black a gold finish thought out my debut collection 'Framed'. I look back now and as much as I loved creating it it was a little style over substance. I mean it looked great and it drew in much admiration but for me the stories behind some of the pieces just weren't powerful enough and lacked meaning. This was important for me to realise because I was trying to convey a story. Moments in time that were originally inspired by the reflections in windows on my travels. But I think the reason the story didn't quite make sense was because the images weren't really reflective of me and my experiences. They were just a mixture of abstract images I thought people would like. Still I had a concept and look that was new and endearing which drew people in and that felt great.

Over the years you develop and grow as a designer maker as you begin to understand your customers and their needs. But to stand out in the jewellery world you have to have a recognisable style that sets your work apart from other designers. Back then I didn't know it yet but I had to find out how to express myself before I could really connect with others.

  • Memories at the beach last a lifetime

It's taken me a long time to find the words to say what I am about to, so please bare with me as it is hard to keep it short. Not many people know this aside from family and close friends but in 2011 I reached a turning point. When in one devastating moment everything changed and the importance of the little things in life really came into focus. On 28th August 2011 my family lost a 15 year old boy. A son, a brother, a grandchild, a nephew, my cousin. 

That summer we had all decided to go on a family holiday to North Devon, a place we all loved. A place that has and always will have a very special place in my heart. A place that my grandmother went to year on year when she was little, followed by my dad and then me. As a little girl I would spend hours searching and collecting tiny little shells in the sand. We would go every year throughout my childhood but we hadn't been there in years. I honestly don't know why we all stopped. But in 2011, we decided to go back as a family. Me, my mum, dad, grandmother, granddad, two aunts, two uncles, four cousins and two of their partners. I was only there for a few days as I had been working during the week. The day we arrived we all crammed into one caravan where we talked and chuckled all evening. And there it is, that moment, that's it, that's one of them. Simple, but so meaningful.

The next day was the day that would devastate my entire family. We were all out together on the beach, some playing football or at least we started to. Personally I'm not a massive fan of football. I don't usually watch it or have any desire to play it but I can't tell you how much I wish I could have continued that game with my beloved cousin and family. Moments into the game my cousin collapsed and we all watched on in sheer shock as the RNLI and an off duty fire fighter rushed in to help us. They were all so amazing and we were so grateful for all their help but after that moment on that beach sadly I didn't get to see my lovely little cousin again.

The following day we went back to the beach. We tied some flowers onto the the life guard hut and all walked together to the sea and back. Every year we go back and do the same thing. My cousin usually writes a poem that makes everyone chuckle and cry. You may think we are crazy for going back there. But to me it means so much to be there with my family. To appreciate even the simplest of moments with them. And whatever you believe, it makes me feel spiritually closer to my cousin who is no longer there in physical form to share it with us.

  • about Charlotte Lowe

This young boy has impacted on my life more than I could have ever imagined. When I was his age I was told that school days would be the best days of my life and I should enjoy every moment. I always tried to do just this and he did too. Over the years I tried to make sure I enjoyed those simple moments and appreciated what I had in life and not what I didn't. But he opened my eyes a little wider to the world, life and the most important things in it. No longer do I just think it, I feel it. I believe in cherishing those moments more than ever. No matter how big or small. Taking time to appreciate them and just how lucky I am to have these wonderful people in my life. This has lead me to create an ongoing collection of jewellery that celebrates those precious moments that we all share together.

First came the shells as I began to make keepsakes that I knew would hold meaning to my family. And from there it began. Using the images to create precious items that would evoke the fondest of memories. Not just mine or my families, but within everyone who is blessed to share these moments with their beloved family and friends. From there on year on year the collection has grown as I add more cherished moments to the collection. I have the great honor of hand making pieces that will have a deeper meaning for each individual. An amazing feeling and something I am so thankful to be part of.

elephants jewellery

It has to be said I learnt a life lesson from my young cousin. At just 15 he was never afraid to be himself and have his voice heard by others. To stand up for himself and the things he believed in. To truly appreciate life and those around him. I think a little bit of him lives on in me, the things I do and the decisions I make. I feel like the more I share with you the stronger I feel as a person and as a business. So here I am sharing my story of pain, love and growth. Maybe now that you know my story it all makes a little more sense. Why a girl of 28 is so passionate about sentiment and has been for the last five years. A week before one of most important trade shows of the year I am putting down my jewellers tools and heading to be where I should be. In one weeks time it will be back to business as usual but for now I am off to one of the most important places with some of the most important people in my life.

My message to you: Always make sure you cherish every little moment, no matter how big or small. Stop and smell the roses and take a deep of fresh air. Smile at the people, thoughts and memories of those you hold dear. And live each moment, like it could be your last.

In memory of James Lowe.

IJL 2016

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